Route 2

The Red Lion to The Water’s Edge, Bramerton (one-way trip). This trip takes you along the same route as route 1; through Norwich  and through the picturesque village of Thorpe St Andrew, where you can stop at the village green and visit any of the riverside pubs. The second half of route 2 sees the river widen out and takes you through some stunning scenery. The approach to the Water’s Edge pub is spectacular and the pub itself is equally impressive.

Pub Stops*:

  • The Rivergarden
  • Rush Cutter Arms
  • The Buck
  • The Water’s Edge
  • Taxi back to Norwich (roughly £10)

Time: One way. 4-5 hours. 2.5 hours canoeing plus 2-3 hours to stop at the pubs
Cost: £25/person

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* If you are going canoeing on a weekday please check ahead with the pubs to see what time they're open and if they stop serving food at any point during the day. Some of the pubs operate winter, spring, summer and autumn opening hours.