Terms and Conditions

Pub and Paddle Canoe Rental Agreement

The “Company” is Pub and Paddle, a trading name of Weston Canoes Ltd.

The ‟Hirer” is any person/s or company who hires or has agreed to hire Equipment from the Company. “Equipment” means items provided by the Company, including canoes, paddles, accessories and buoyancy aids.

For group bookings/hire the designated responsible adult is the person representing the group.

  1. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult on their trip.
  2. Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult in their canoe.
  3. All participants must wear a buoyancy aid at all times whilst on the river.
  4. A minimum of 2 people must paddle a canoe unless the hirer has previous experience paddling solo in which case please contact us to discuss.
  5. A maximum of 3 people can sit inside a canoe.
  6. Dogs may come into the canoes at full risk of the hirer. We do not provide per buoyancy aids. They should not be tied onto the boats at any time.
  7. By booking the canoe rental, all participants confirm they are proficient swimmers.
  8. Pub and Paddle will supply canoes, paddles, buoyancy aids, ropes and dry bags for the hirers use.
  9. Hired equipment can only be used on the River Wensum and River Yare between New Mills Yard, Norwich and Coldham Hall, Surlingham.
  10. Hired equipment can only be used by individuals who have signed the rental agreement.
  11. A non-refundable 20% deposit is required to secure a booking.
  12. A booking is not confirmed until the applicable booking deposit has been paid.
  13. Total cost of hire must be paid in full before boats and equipment are released.
  14. The company have the right to ask for a security deposit before hire. This can be a piece of photo I.D., credit card or cash deposit. The security deposit will be returned at the end of the hire period on return of all hired equipment subject to this being in the same condition and no damage has occurred (allowing for fair wear and tear) and the party has returned / arrived at the agreed time.
  15. The hirers agree to start their rental at the time agreed at the point of booking – via email, phone or online booking system. If the hirers start their rental late, due to their own fault, the rental end time will remain as originally stated. This may be amended upon discussion with the company before the rental commences.
  16. In the event of cancellation by the hirer the following will apply:
    1. Cancellation within 5 days of hire period – full payment is due
    2. Cancellation more than 5 days before hire period – booking deposit is non refundable.
  17. Hire is subject to safe river levels /flows and weather conditions. If a cancellation is deemed necessary for safety reasons, we will provide as much notice as possible and offer alternative dates. If no alternative date can be agreed, a full refund including your booking deposit will be offered
  18. The hirer assumes complete responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment during the period of hire and agrees to pay for any loss or damage of equipment (allowing for fair wear and tear)
  19. The hirer agrees not to sell, sublet or dispose of any items of hired equipment
  20. The hirer will allow access to equipment at any reasonable time by company representatives for the purpose of inspection, repair or removal.
  21. Participants must be considerate to all other river users i.e.; fellow canoeists, powered boats and fisherman.
  22. Participants are responsible for ensuring they have the correct clothing, and are fit enough to complete any trip comfortably.
  23. Participants are responsible for ensuring they only land at suitable areas and designated landing stages/picnic areas.
  24. Consumption of alcohol in boats is not permitted at any time.
  25. Anyone who appears under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to hire and will not be eligible for a refund.
  26. All customers aged 18 or over must sign the hire agreement before hire commences. A responsible adult must name and sign for any participants under the age of 18
  27. By signing the hire agreement you are agreeing that those taking part are competent to do so. If you have any doubt about the competency of the group you should make the company aware at the beginning of the rental period.
  28. By signing the hire agreement each named participant will be confirming they have read and understood the safety information.

DISCLAIMER. Weston Canoes Ltd will not be liable for any death, personal injury, or loss of or damage to goods arising out of the hire of any items by them unless that death, personal injury or loss of, or damage to the goods arises directly from an act of omission on the part of the company.
People with existing injuries should not participate if the nature of the injury will affect their ability to take part in the activity.
Canoeing is an inherently dangerous activity with a danger of personal injury or death attached.
Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you are aware of and accept the risks associated with this activity, and acknowledge all above Rental Agreement conditions. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on info @ pubandpaddle.com