What is the maximum number of people?

We have 13 canoes, 4 double kayaks and 8 single kayaks available.

For the canoes we recommend you go out in pairs so the ideal max number is 26 people. However, the canoes do all have 3 seats so if you were to max out all the canoes then you could go out with 39 people.

We have 12 kayaks available in total – 8 single and 4 double. You can be up to 16 people in the kayaks.

The canoes and kayaks all have the same booking conditions and Routes so you’re absolutely fine if you’d like to book a combination of boats for your rental. If you were to combine canoes and kayaks then you could be max 55 people.

We have two rowing boats available and they can take 4 adults each, so max 8 people. The rowing boats cannot do the same Routes as the canoes/kayaks. The only option for combining these boats is if you do a 2 Hour Paddle.

If some of the boats have already been reserved for a particular date then this will show whilst making a booking.